Table Saws: Safety & Set-up
with Master Woodworker Gary Rogowski
Wednesday, November 22, 6pm - 8pm
Skills Lecture: Open to all levels
$53 ($50 with cash or check) (materials: Hearing and Eye Protection)

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The table saw is the center of most shops. Learn how to set up your saw so it runs accurately and safely. Discover simple tricks for fence alignment and safe ripping that will eliminate burned cuts. Learn why to use a riving knife and how to make your own. Get information on blade types and their uses and how to make the most of each blade. Discover the importance of push sticks and make patterns of the ones we use. Learn the importance of developing good habits around the saw. See the crosscut sled we use daily in the shop and learn how to tune yours or get tips on making your own. This jig helps you crosscut accurately which will help you to make all the other jigs in your shop.

In other words, get the information you need in order to make your saw a machine that will produce accurate cuts safely.  

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