Carving Basics
Rosette Carving On Green
with Master Woodworker Gary Rogowski
Sat.-Sun. Nov. 23-24, 10am-5pm
All levels welcome
$285 ($275 cash or check) (materials: All materials included)

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Carving wood is one way to while away three hours in the blink of an eye. Once you enter this world, everything else disappears. It's magic, it's real. You have your hands on wood and tools and you are creating something remarkable. Can you tell? I like carving. It's so much fun.

Join us for this introduction to the basics of carving. You'll learn about tools, wood, sharpening, lay-out, and the basic cuts. Get practice with chisel work, gouges for raised and incised carving. Design your own patterns and learn to carve them. We'll work on some basic shapes and patterns and then work our way to more complex carvings.

Rosette Carving On Green                            Carving Bass Osfs