Building the Bentwood Box
Norse Tine
Kate Fox
Nov. 1 Friday 6-9pm Nov. 2- 3 Sat.-Sun., 10am-5pm
All levels welcome
$295 (materials: Included)
Registration Closed

The famed Shaker box traces its descent to a Viking ancestor: the Norse Tine. Explore this ancient design, a simple yet sturdy oblong box, with instructor Kate Fox at the Studio. This particular tine features a snap-on lid that will keep your lunch or sewing kit protected in any weather, as well as producing a satisfying sound whenever it is opened or closed. The project is suitable for novices, but even experienced woodworkers will enjoy putting their own stamp on this historic piece.

We will discuss wood bending techniques before boiling our pre-cut stock and setting them to cool and dry on forms. While those sit we will fashion the bottoms, lids, handles and side posts using the bandsaw, and then finish by hand with carving tools at the benches. Students will have creative control to experiment with traditional or contemporary styling. The second day we will assemble all the pieces, using wood pegs tapped into drilled mortises to affix the bottom and posts, and copper rivets or sinew lacing to fasten the bent lamination. After that, students can choose any direction to go with their finished container; painted, carved, stamped, burned, plain... You name the finish, there is probably a good example of a bentwood box in just that style somewhere online.

The wood bending form is shown here. This is going to be a fun class and a great little project.

   Kates' Tine Box Bending Form Jig And Box

     1 Tine Box Gal

Kate Fox is an Oregon native, a Veteran, and a graduate of the Mastery Program at the Studio. Her energy and spirit shine through in both her teaching and her work.

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