Complete Novice Woodworking
Class Introduction To Woodw
Jamie Zartler
Oct. 10-Dec. 19 Thursday evenings, 6pm to 9pm
All levels are welcome
$495 ($480 with cash or check) (materials: Included)
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Everybody starts woodworking as a complete novice. Start here, learning about hand tools, wood, and simple techniques in this introductory class. We will start first by showing you the basics of woodworking tools, how to buy them, use them and keep them sharp.

There is a big difference in hand tools and their quality. We will show you the first tools you will need, from measuring and marking tools like squares and marking knives to cutting tools like chisels, files, saws, and planes. We will teach you about wood and its many qualities. What is a good piece of wood? How do you choose your wood? Which pieces do you avoid? You will get practice with a variety of different woods so you can feel the difference in your hands.

Our first project is a simple bench hook. You will learn measuring, lay-out and crosscutting skills as we build this incredibly useful bench jig. Get practice gluing up and cleaning up your bench hook with rasps, files, and hand planes. Then learn how to use it for a variety of tasks at the bench.

Next we will build a small end table using mortise and tenon joinery. This construction method has been used for centuries and is valuable as both a construction method and a teaching technique for learning about joinery. We will use chisels and the drill press to create our mortises and use hand tools and the band saw for our tenon cutting. You will have the option to design your legs and decorate the top to make this table great to see and use.

If you have been considering woodworking as a hobby or as a craft to investigate, this is the class for you. Woodworking is about as much fun as you can have by yourself on a rainy day. Come and find out why.

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