Hand Planes: Tuning, Using, and Making
Hand Planes Cabinet
with Master Woodworker Gary Rogowski
June 29 - July 3 Mon.-Fri. 10am to 5pm
All levels welcome
$895 ($870 cash or check) (materials: All materials included)

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The hand plane is the soul of a woodworker’s tool kit. A sharp well tuned hand plane can change your life. Or at least your woodworking life. 

Learn how to tune and use your hand plane. Turn your unused old hand planes into work horses at the bench. The simple geometry of a sharp plane iron can turn rough wood smooth, make dull wood shine, trim off a shaving thinner than paper, and make surfaces flat and true. In this Masterworks class, learn how to tune up old or new hand planes. We will tear a bench plane apart, learn how it all works and how to tune up the sticky parts. We will sharpen and put them back together to fine tune and use. From flattening the sole to tuning the frog and sharpening the iron, learn how to make these chunks of iron sing.

We will also get practice shooting edges, flattening boards, and fine tuning these planes. Get practice sharpening with any or all of three methods we will explain. Learn how to tune your hand plane to tame wild grain. See what a huge difference blade angles, grind angles, and chip breaker angles can make to reduce tear-out. 

Next we will design our own block plane. This bevel up plane is one you maybe don't have in your kit, yet. We'll show you how to make the body and how to shape, harden, and temper tool steel for the blade. Making your own working hand plane is a revelation that brings light to all the dark corners of your shop. And if you make a high angle plane there is no grain that will put you off. 

Planes are really time savers in the shop. Learn how to tune and use one in this class and prepare to be amazed. 

High Angle Block Plane