Tuning & Using Hand Planes
Icons Plane
Peter Stevens
Feb. 21 & 28, Wed. evenings 6-9pm
All levels welcome
$145 (materials: All materials included)

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Hand planes are a revelation to use at the bench. Learn techniques for turning your unused or unusable hand planes into work horses at the bench. This class walks you through reclaiming, sharpening, and tuning old hand planes for use. 

The simple geometry of a sharp plane iron can turn rough wood smooth, make dull wood shine, trim off a shaving thinner than paper, and make surfaces flat and true. In this two evening workshop learn how to tune up old or new hand planes. We will tear a bench plane apart, learn how it all works and how to tune up the sticky parts. We will sharpen and put them back together to fine tune and use. From flattening the sole to tuning the frog and sharpening the iron, learn how to make these chunks of iron sing.

The hand plane can be a huge time saver at the bench if you know how to sharpen the blade and tune it properly. Take two evenings to learn techniques that will improve your experience every time you go to the work bench.