Design/ Build: Dining Table/ Model
Harvest Table
with Master Woodworker Gary Rogowski
Sept. 10-14, Monday - Friday, 10am - 5pm
Beyond Beginners
$1250 (materials: Included)

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Here's a thought. Take a week off to work and play in the Columbia River Gorge up in Lyle, Washington. Help me build a dining table for a designated great non-profit while designing your own table for home. While learning and practicing building skills building one dinner table, you will be designing your own.

Here's the plan. Each class will start at 10am. You'll have the early part of the day to get a hike in, go fishing on the Klickitat River, or just relax outside to do some drawing and sketching in this incredible and beautiful location. Every morning we'll do design exercises practicing drawing and inspiration skills so you can design your idea for a table. You'll work through sketches and scale drawings as you work on a form and style for your table. We will work out your design all the way to a 1/4 scale model of the piece that you will build.

In the afternoon, after we provide lunch, we will build a Harvest Table together. This leg and apron design uses haunched mortise and tenon construction which we will cut by router and by hand. The legs have a simple taper cut into them and the pinned joints will be enhanced with decorative inlay. The solid table top will be laminated together and there's always some interesting tricks to get our edge joints right. Learn how to edge join properly, put in a spring joint, and practice gluing up a big table top. Then learn about hand plane flattening and cabinet scraping as we get our table top ready for finish. The final product, a 3' x 6' Harvest Table will be donated to Sisters Folk Festival to help with arts education in the community. 

At day's end, we will gather with beverage in hand from one of the many local wineries or breweries and talk about design topics in a gorgeous setting. This will be a great situation to learn design, practice skills for building a table, and help support a great non-profit. Because it's a new and small space, there is room for only four students. I hope you'll join us for this incredible experience. 

1 Mt Hood From Lyle     Harvest Table   

Mt. Hood at sundown from the property in Lyle.