Shave Horse Construction
Shave Horse
with Jeff Miller
August 13-17, Mon.- Fri. 10am-5pm
Beyond Beginners
$500 (materials: $100 estimated for wood)

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Shave Horse Tools   

The shave horse is an amazing tool. Come and build one with us this summer and create one of the best vises in yours or any shop. This marvel of engineering is compact, sturdy, and does a solid job of holding your work with leg power. This keeps your hands free to do the work. Used by Windsor chair makers for centuries, this modified design comes from the mind of Brian Boggs, friend of the Studio. It takes elements of the American and European shave horse models to create a new smaller version. It is however just as robust as any shave horse. 

Please join us for this five day class putting one of these tools together. If you have any interest in pursuing your hand tool work, the shave horse is one of those tools that when you need one is simply the best vise for the job. Learn to measure and mark out properly, lay out for simple joints, and how to drill and assemble. There is band saw work as we cut out shapes and notches for various parts. You will get practice with hand planes, scrapers, and spoke shaves as we shape and smooth our parts. Get practice with a draw knife to help shape the seat. Plus get a ton of experience building something you can use in your shop. Can't beat that for satisfaction. 

  Shave Horse Side On