Chair Design with Jeffrey Miller
1 Chair1
with Jeff Miller
July 16-20, 10am-5pm
All levels welcome
$890 [$875 check or cash] (materials: Materials included)

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Chair Design

Designing a chair is one of the pinnacles of both woodworking and design, but it is also a task that can easily overwhelm. This class provides the opportunity to work out a chair design with confidence, under the direction of chair maker (and author of Chairmaking and Design) Jeff Miller. We’ll begin the process with an exploration of comfort in chairs. You’ll learn why angles and curves are so important not just for comfort, but also in how they play a role in visual impact. Through sketches, models, and ultimately a full-sized prototype (one you can sit on), we’ll explore, test and refine your ideas for a chair. Then we’ll discuss how to go about building a finished version of the design, covering proper joinery, structure, and construction methods for building your chair. You’ll come away with a thorough understanding of the design process, of what makes a good chair, and a plan for how to move forward to build your design.

Check out these student prototypes.

1 Chair3     1 Chair Model

Learning how to design with prototypes saves so much effort and wasted wood and time. Get valuable practice making your design whole.