Machinery for Milling Wood
Class Milling Lumber
with Master Woodworker Gary Rogowski
Nov. 26 - Dec. 17, Monday evenings, 5-8pm
All levels welcome
$350 ($340 cash or check) (materials: All materials included)
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Join us for this hands-on exploration of four critical machines in the wood shop. Learn how to set up and use the jointer, the band saw, the planer, and the table saw to mill up square lumber for your projects. Get practice on all of them and get over your fears. There are no mysteries to be revealed, just solid useful information backed by Gary's 40 years in the shop. 

Class Milling Lumber     G Milling

The first night we begin by looking at the jointer. This motorized hand plane flattens a face or edge or both square to each other. What are the issues in set-up you need to check? What causes snipe? How do you correct for a tapered cut? There are many issues that present themselves to the user of this sensitive tool. Come and learn how to use one and how to prepare your boards for the next step. 

Week Two is devoted to the band saw, the most useful machine in the shop. This tool can do so many jobs but what a good band saw with a sharp blade excels at is ripping up lumber. Learn how to set up and tune a band saw. Get practice ripping lumber which is a safer cut than on the table saw. Discover its uses in a variety of settings and get hands on experience changing a blade and folding one up. Okay, this trick is magic. 

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The planer is a machine that, for the best results, has to be used with a jointer. Learn how to tune any planer for best results, how to eliminate snipe and how to prepare your flat boards so that they now have two parallel sides. We will get practice this session reviewing and using all the machines to get boards that are flat and parallel. 

Our final night we work on the table saw. This tool is used at the Studio for ripping and crosscutting to size. Used more as a precision tool than a workhorse, the table saw gives us parallel cuts. Discover how to tune your saw for use, safe execution of cuts, and which push sticks to use and which to throw away. Learn how to make a crosscut sled for your finest cuts and get practice with all these cuts on our two Sawstop table saws. 

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