Masterworks: Work Bench
Build A Workbench
with Master Woodworker Gary Rogowski
November 11-15, 10am-5pm
Bench Projects: Beginning to Intermediate
$890 ($865 with cash or check) (materials: $800 estimated)

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Your shop needs a tough work bench so you can do great work. Every shop needs a bench that is flat and sturdy. Forget about bolting your bench together like most of the store bought benches. Learn one of woodworking’s strongest joints, the wedged mortise and tenon and you’ll be amazed at its holding power for this job and many others. Build this trestle style bench that is rugged enough to handle any job using only wood to wood joinery. It’s made of top grade European beech that we will have milled up and ready to go first day of class. We’ll also use a maple top measuring 30 x 72" and a 10 ½" quick action steel bench vise.

The first days you will learn how to build your trestles. Discover methods for making and using router templates for mortising and see how to cut and fit stopped mortise and tenon joints. You will shape the trestles using the band saw, spoke shave, files and scrapers. Once the trestles are glued, learn how to cut through mortises and fit the long rails that hold the trestles together. You will cut and shape the rails and make the wedges that lock this design together.

The last day we’ll fit wedges, attach the vise, make vise blocks, and drill for dog holes. This design allows for great flexibility if you want to add drawers, a cabinet, or a tail vise to it. Yet the whole bench knocks down to fit flat in the back of a car. Every woodworker needs to gather their tools before they begin a project. Start here by building a great work bench.

Registration deadline November 4, 2019, so we can get our materials milled in time. Come and join the fun and build a great bench. 

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