Hand Tool Restoration
Rip Saw Teeth
with Jeff Miller
Feb. 22-23 Sat. & Sun. 10am to 5pm
All levels are welcome
$265 (materials: Materials included)

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Who hasn't found an old tool and wondered if it couldn't be brought back to use and purpose? This workshop shows you how to find old tools, what to look for in quality, and how to identify the ones to restore. Is an old tool better than a new one? This workshop will explore which tools to work on and the mistakes to avoid in restoring them. Who hasn't found an old tool and wondered if you couldn't bring it back to use and purpose? This workshop shows you how to find the tools, identify the ones to restore, and which methods to use for hand tool restoration.

Bring in your own old tools and start to bring them back to life. Hand saws, back saws, chisels, bit and brace sets, hammers and axes can all be given new life with the techniques you’ll learn in this class. Learn how to replace axe and hammer handles and how to take apart and clean and restore braces. Discover how to sharpen auger bits for use in one. Get a primer on saw sharpening and how to hone the edge of a chisel.

The old tool restorer has to be a caretaker of these classics. This class will show you how to take an old hand tool and restore it to the level where a craftsman would be proud to have it on the bench. There are easy ways to ruin an old tools and some classical, historical and valuable tools that should be left as found. Learn about mistakes you can make in restoring tools and get some sense about vintage tool caretaking and the first dictum of restoration: "first do no harm." You will see examples of over-cleaned tools as compared to carefully conserved tools. There is difference between restoration and rejuvenation.

Discover how to use electrolysis bath to remove rust along with other great rust removal techniques, the wire wheel and why to avoid it, and how to make your own penetrating oil for use in taking tools apart. This will be a great opportunity to learn about old tools and how to bring them back to life. Don't miss it!


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