Inlaid Bookcase
Inlaid Bookcase
with Master Woodworker Gary Rogowski
Tuesday evenings 5-8pm, Oct.15-Dec.17
Beyond beginners
$575.00 (materials: All materials included)

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´╗┐Imagine a simpler life where you make your own furniture. Imagine building a bookcase that showcases its joinery and has a bit of inlay in it to jazz it up. Imagine making this furniture with your own hands and tools, designing details and decoration into it to make it a one of a kind piece. And what if the whole
piece was held together without any nails or screws or pins? Just the mortise and tenon joints that you cut for the case. Imagination is just the start. 

Join us for this ten week class on joinery, assembly techniques, and inlay as make a small bookcase in alder. Use yours for your woodworking books, old love letters, or as a small liquor cabinet. It's small enough to be used as an end table or to fill the corner of a room. This great project is one that you will love to build and one that you will cherish as it ages in your home. 

Inlaid Bookcase Gr      Inlaid Bookcase Inlay Detail