Design Strategy: Furniture Design
1 Craft Style Bed Gr
with Master Woodworker Gary Rogowski
Wed. Feb. 26th from 6-8 PM
All levels welcome
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How does one design a piece of furniture that is inviting and comfortable to use and is built to last? There is a strategy for designing furniture just as there is for building it. Join us for this lecture on Furniture Design. 

Design has a vocabulary like any language. It rests on an understanding of purpose, engineering, and beauty. This lecture will give you an outline for considering new designs and how to critique old ones. Learn how to generate ideas, build on sketches, transform your scribbles into models and scale drawings and finally how to generate your cut list so you can get building.

So much of furniture making is left brained and logical, but design is a right brain activity that is involved with non-linear and synthetic thought. How do you meld the two to create beautiful, sturdy and functional work? Learn an approach for designing work that is based on following simple principles and answering basic questions. It’s rewarding to design and build your own work. Come learn some techniques for succeeding at design.