Drawing & Drafting for Furniture Makers
Stool Drawing
with Ken Klos
Two Saturdays, Feb. 29 and Mar. 7, 10am to 5pm each day
All levels welcome
$265 (materials: All materials included)

Pay by cash or check
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Your ability to get an idea in your head onto the page and then into your wood is important. It means those hours spent daydreaming of things to be made can come true. But your skill at translating ideas onto the drawing page may need help. This two day class is perfect for those who are challenged with drawing or for those who need more practice or for those with lots of practice but need some tune-ups and reminders. 

The first class will focus on drawing techniques, understanding perspective, and practice with graduated subject matter. Week Two will work more on hand drafting techniques: learning to use a scale ruler, architect's t-square, and triangles. 

Ken is a brilliant draftsman and his techniques for showing a maker how to draw are invaluable. Learning how to see is the key to your drawing. Learning how to draw then is a revelation. You will love this class. Bring a pencil and paper and straight edge. That's it. No new software required.