Writer 1
with Master Woodworker Gary Rogowski
Wednesday 6-8pm, April Fools Day 2020
All levels welcome
$53 or $50 cash or check (materials: All materials included)

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I made a mistake once. Oh no wait, I'm wrong. April Fools. 

Count the grains of sand in a piece of sandpaper! Number the clouds that gather over my bench! Name the splinters I have removed from my finger tips!

Their number grows too large. Fear not. We, the royal April Fool's We, We will show you methods for backtracking, for fixing and mending, for banishing mistakes from your work. 

Woodworking seems some days like a process of two steps forward and three steps back. At this lecture learn methods for quick repairs of your broken grain, broken fibers, no not your broken heart. No mending there. Learn how to patch, learn how to cover up, learn how to fill, blend, and obfuscate so no trained eye will ever know that you once screwed up. 

It's possible. It's true.