Router Joinery
Router Joinery
with Master Woodworker Gary Rogowski
Oct. 29, Monday evening 6pm - 8pm
All levels welcome
$53 ($50 with cash or check) (materials: Hearing and eye protection)

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The router is versatility with a power cord attached. Learn how to use this adaptable tool for a variety of precise joinery applications. Learn first about router types: fixed base and plunge routers, topside routers and router table uses, buying routers as well as bits, jigs, and accessories. There is a bewildering array of stuff to purchase. Get help with all the choices available first.

Then learn how the router is used. Watch it cut simple joints like dados and rabbets for cabinet construction to cutting more complex joints like dovetails and mortises and tenons. See how the router table can be so valuable that you’ll clamp one to your bench just to have it close. Learn three mortising techniques that will open up your joinery options. These are simple methods that you are capable of performing with just simple jigs and router accessories. Finally learn some tricky stuff that the router can do. See how to use templates for routing shapes, mortises and how to rout for inlay.

Bring your hearing protection and your curiosity. There is much to talk about.