3 Simple Finishes
Gr Finishing
with Master Woodworker Gary Rogowski
April 3-5, Fri-Sun. 10am-5pm
All levels welcome
$525 (materials: All materials included)

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Finishing is the final step in any project. For many furniture makers, it’s their last chance to screw things up. Finishing takes knowledge and information but anyone can learn how to put on a great looking finish. It’s only chemistry plus alchemy and careful attention. You’ll get plenty of practice with all these in this three day workshop. Here is your opportunity to learn about all those mystifying cans of finish on your shelf. Forget spray booths, dust-free shops, and hard to apply finishes. Learn about simple hand applied finishes that will give you easy application and repair qualities while supplying a protective barrier on your furniture.

We start by studying wood selection, surface preparation, sanding and sanding tools, and planes and planing as a surface preparatory process. You will learn how to sharpen and use that miracle of the shop, the scraper. We will prepare a half dozen boards for finish samples that you will have as your library of finishes for your shop. Learn also about preparing your shop for finishing and the tools you’ll need for hand applied work. Discover the value of raising the grain and how to prepare a table top for use. And get tricks for fixing dings, dents, nicks, scratches, and tear-out before or after applying your finish.

We’ll do a bit of exploring colors and stains, resist coats, washes, pigment and dye stains. We’ll dip our gloved fingers a bit into chemical stains as well such as ebonizing, bleaching, and fuming. Learn how to color match boards with dye stains and how to enhance figured wood with a simple technique.

We’ll start finishing with the simplest one to apply, an oil. Learn about drying and non-drying oils, linseed and tung oil. Discover how to apply them for maximum penetration, how to fix an oil finish and finally rubbing them out. Then we’ll naturally progress into finishes with more body to them that also use oil: varnishes, oil/ varnish mixtures, and wiping varnishes, a whole array of possibilities. Finally discover the miracle finish: shellac. All natural and edible, shellac offers good protection, quick drying, and excellent rubbing out qualities. Brushing and padding on shellac will be practiced.

The final and most important step in finishing is rubbing out the finish. You’ll learn how to rub out a finish both between coats and after curing for a final great surface. Come to this workshop and you will leave with a wealth of practical knowledge for use on any of your projects. If you build furniture, you'll want to attend this hands on workshop. It will be packed with great finishing information that you can use on all your work. Don’t miss out on this often requested hands on class.

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