Sharpening Simplified
Class Sharpening Your Tools
Peter Stevens
Nov. 1 and Nov. 8 Two Wednesday evenings, 6-9pm
All Levels
$150 ($145 with cash or check) (materials: Included)

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Learn to sharpen 

Bring your dull chisels, plane irons, and spokeshaves and learn how to change these blunt objects into precise cutting instruments. Bring your sharpening stones if you have them. Other materials and stones provided. We will learn several different methods for sharpening: sandpaper on glass, single bevel methods for use with a honing guide, and the hollow grind method. You’ll also get to try out honing methods including sandpaper, diamond stones, ceramic and water stones. Learn to grind and hone accurately and every cut you make will be smoother and cleaner.

Sharp tools at your bench will make a huge difference in your work. Come and learn how to make your chisels and irons sharp. Come and be amazed. 

Bedrock Plane