The Hand Tool Shop
1 Bedrock Plane 002
with Master Woodworker Gary Rogowski
April 22 - May 10, 10am-5pm, M-F 3 weeks of class
All Levels welcome
$2225 (materials: included)

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Weekly Workshops

Week 1: 4/22 - 4/26: Measuring Tools

Week 2: 4/29 - 5/3: Chisels and Saws

Week 3: 5/6 - 5/10, Hand Planes

The Hand Tool Shop is a 3 week immersive series of classes on hand tools. Hand tool work is the best way to learn woodworking or to improve on your current woodworking skills. It teaches the virtues of patience and accuracy with immediate feedback and results. Better yet, these are skills that you can apply to any tool or machine in the shop. It’s much easier to know how to cut wood cleanly when you've learned about it from your hand plane, chisel, or back saw.

Studio Hand Tool Kit

  • Measuring and Marking Tools:
    • 6" 604RE Starrett rule, 6" Starrett square, marking knife, Glen Drake marking gauge, straight edge
    Cutting Tools:
    • Set of 5 Lie Nielsen chisels, Glen Drake dovetail saw, #103 L-N block plane, L-N shoulder plane, #4 smoothing plane, Hock iron and cap iron, L-N card scraper set
    Abrading Tools:
    • Auriou rasp, Nicholsen mill smoothing file, Norton combination water stones, diamond stone

New Class

Week One: Measuring Tools and Techniques

Projects to be made: Sliding bevel, Winding sticks

We focus our first week on Measuring tools and techniques. You will learn about the measuring tools of a furniture maker's tool kit doing basic lay-out and hand planing a board square and flat. There will then be inlay work on which to practice your skills. We will also make two of the essential tools: a sliding bevel and winding sticks. 

how to sharpen your chisels, plane irons, and scrapers. Getting this thorough knowledge of sharpening will improve your mood at the bench and your cuts in the shop. Discover how to lay out and cut a simple mortise and tenon joint as you make a mallet. Get practice with chisels for mortising and planes for fitting your tenons. We'll also carve a wood spoon as you learn to use the saw and rasps and files. Then build a small finger jointed box with great saw and chisel techniques. You will finish the week pleased by your production and your own designs.

     1 Measuring Sliding Bevels     1 Measuring Winding Sticks

Week Two: Carving and Shaping

Projects: Spoon, Carved rosette, Basket Weave Carving,  3 Legged Windsor Style Milking Stool

During this week of The Hand Tool Shop we concentrate on carving and shaping. We start by carving a simple flower/ rosette in bass wood and then move on to the basket weave pattern done with just your chisels. These are great carving exercises that spice up any design. And if you start to look around you, you see these patterns in architecture around the city. Next we build a 3 legged milking stool in the Windsor style construction. This method is astonishing in its simplicity and strength. It is light yet very strong. We cut mortise and tenons by hand and we can play with the leg and seat shapes to make your design unique. The carving and finishing techniques you'll learn on this great little project will be ones you can use in a variety of projects.

1 Basketweave

                            1 Marty's Stool

Hand Tools  Toolbox

Week Three: Dovetails and Steam Bending

Project: Dovetailed Tool Box with Steam Bent Handle

Week Three is devoted to making our Dovetailed Tool Tote. Learn to hand cut through dovetails as we build your tool box. You'll practice this symbol of woodworking excellence getting tips and tricks for great results. Dovetails aren't magic. They take practice and some patience, but you can learn to cut them. You'll also get tips on how to fix any minor errors that occur. Next you will create and steam bend a handle to go with it. Customize the tote to include a box for your chisels or planes. Everything in its place is a nice feeling, especially when you've made it yourself.

Week Four: Joinery and Building

Project: Sawhorses and inlaid panel

Week Four, our final week, we spend making a set of sawhorses. Using through wedged mortise and tenons we will create rock solid, pretty, and useful sawhorses for use in your shop. Learn to hand chop mortise and tenon joints and how to fit them with precision. Shape the columns to give the piece your own design style. Then learn inlay techniques that make any piece of work come alive. Learn how to cut and shape square plugs, do straight line inlay and stringing techniques. Inlay with contrasting fruit woods, metal and exotic species.

Spence Hand Tool Shop

1 Saw Horse       1 Gr Finger Jointed Cabinet Detail   Inlaid Shelf Inlay

This immersion into hand tool use offers many benefits. You will learn how to sharpen, tune, and use your hand tools. You will learn how to build several small pieces with techniques that you can later employ for future hand tool projects. But lastly you’ll be able to spend a good chunk of time working in a hand tool shop where you direct your focus and concentration on the jobs right in front of you. You’ll receive immediate feedback and see the results of your work and how your new skills improve them each day. Few occupations these days can offer this type of satisfaction.

Join us for any one of these four weeks for only $850 or join the entire program for a savings of $425 off the weekly costs. You’ll learn a great deal, have fun working at the bench, create beautiful projects, and give yourself the time you deserve to enjoy the pleasures of The Hand Tool Shop.