Wood Bending
Wood Bend
with Master Woodworker Gary Rogowski
December 16, 10am to 5pm
All levels welcome
$150 ($145 cash or check) (materials: Included)
Registration Closed

Wood is flexible, pliable, and malleable. It has the amazing capacity to bend without breaking, if you know what you're doing. Learn three techniques for bending wood that will expand your design possibilities and make you say wow. 

First learn about the simplicity of kerf bending. This approach can be used for making curves or forms for other curves. It is super simple and can be decorative as well as structural. 

Get practice cold bending with laminates, glue, and a two part form. Learn how to make your own accurate forms out of solid wood, MDF or foam insulation. This technique is so valuable for making reliably bent parts. Discover the secret to avoiding springback and try your hand at gluing up a chair back and other shapes. 

Finally, learn the art of steam bending with tricks and techniques that almost always ensure perfect results. Get practice choosing and prepping stock to bend a tool box handle. It is amazing what heat and steam can do to wood. Learn some tips that will improve your odds when steam bending. Learn how to build a steam box, how to create bending/ drying forms, and when to use a bending strap. There is a ton of information to discuss. Come bend with us.

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