Making and Using Handsaws
K Dsaws
with Kevin Drake
June 30 - July 4 9am - 4pm daily
All Levels
$890 ($875 with cash or check) (materials: All materials included)

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Saws are as basic as it gets for working at the bench. They are also of huge importance. Kevin Glen Drake of Glen Drake Tools has been making backsaws for decades. This class is for all levels of students interested in learning about backsaw maintenance and fabrication. Kevin will guide you through the saw-making process with the provided materials. Learn how to make a saw-vise and two western carcase saws, one rip and one crosscut. These are saws that cut on the push stroke. Discover the basics of saw geometry and long-term saw maintenance. You will not only learn how to set and sharpen a saw, but you will also learn how to shape the teeth for the job at hand. The skills you will carry away from this class will enable you to maintain your saws the same way you maintain your planes and chisels to keep them sharp and effective.

Please join us this summer for this amazing class and learn saw sharpening and saw making skills.

After graduating from the College of the Redwoods Fine Woodworking nine-month program in 2000, Kevin Glen Drake remained in Fort Bragg, CA and launched the Glen-Drake Toolworks. His growing line of attention-getting joinery tools includes two unique saw designs and an excellent marking gauge. Kevin is a confessed tool-junkie and focuses on the process of making and using tools. Check out Kevin’s great saws, and the full product line of the Glen-Drake Toolworks at

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