Coffee Anyone? Building a Coffee Table
1 Cr Rosewood Table Gr
with Master Woodworker Gary Rogowski
Oct. 14-Dec. 16 Mondays, 6-9pm
Projects for Beginners and Beyond
$545 (materials: Included)

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How cool would it be to make a great coffee table for yourself? This table looks great and is built to last using mortise and tenon  and sliding dovetail joints. It's a cool project with some great joinery. You'll be proud to say you made it yourself. 

The week begins with lay-out and drawings. Learn how to plan for a project as we sketch our bench with joinery and design details. What kind of top will you put on it? Glued up solid wood or a slab top or a split one with dovetail keys? Will the edges be routed, sanded and shaped or left raw? Will you have inlay into the top or edges? Will you raise the top so it looks like it's floating or set it inside the legs? So many design possibilities to play with. You can make these choices while you build.  

We'll start first by laying out our mortise and tenon joints in the legs. There are several methods for cutting these mortises. Choose the one you prefer to get the joint done: hand chopped or drilling out the waste first on the drill press. Learn router methods as well.

Once our mortises are cut, then we will learn the best ways for cutting tenons: by hand and saw, on the router table, or band saw. Get your fine tuning done with a hand plane and discover how to get a great fit. Before gluing we will do our shaping of the legs. Learn band saw, spoke shave, and filing methods to shape your ideas. 

This class will push your woodworking to new levels as you discover the array of tools possible to use in this construction. You'll discover new methods, refine old ones, and walk away with a great project. 

   1 Cr Rosewood Table Gr       

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