The Hand Tool Shop 2: Carving and Shaping
1 Basketweave
with Master Woodworker Gary Rogowski
April 9 -13, 10am to 5pm, Monday through Friday
All Levels Encouraged
$850 ($825 with Cash or check) (materials: Included)

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During this week of The Hand Tool Shop we concentrate on carving and shaping. We start by carving a simple flower/ rosette in bass wood and then move on to the basket weave pattern done with only your chisels. These are great carving exercises that spice up any design. And if you start to look around you, you see these patterns in architecture around the city.

                                                             1 Rosette Kitty

Next we build a 3 legged milking stool in the Windsor style construction. This method is astonishing in its simplicity and strength. It is light yet very strong. We cut mortise and tenons by hand and we can play with the leg and seat shapes to make your design unique. The carving and shaping techniques you'll learn on this great little project will be ones you can use in a variety of projects.

This is a Masterworks Class with Gary Rogowski. It qualifies as a prerequisite course for our Mastery Program.

                                                            1 Milking Stools  Dmp 9