Design Strategy: Dinner, Anyone?
1 Ch Dining Table
with Master Woodworker Gary Rogowski
10am to 5pm, Saturday, Feb. 1
All Levels welcome
$165 ($160 cash or check) (materials: Included)
Only three spots remaining!

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What kind of table do you sit down at to eat your meals? Dining tables come in many shapes, several sizes, and each can make us feel differently when sitting down for a meal. They can have different intentions. Come and learn how to design yours for your own design taste.

There are functional requirements for a table that are slightly variable. Aesthetic requirements which are extremely variable, and construction requirements, which are almost set in stone. Discover how to address each of these needs for your dining table. Learn about place setting requirements for any shape table, height issues for different styles of table, and variability such as expanding tables, tables with removable leaves, and fall flap tables. Get information on wood movement and how that affects your design and see how to cut some basic joints for building a leg and apron design.

The limits of your design are both in your skills but also in your willingness to dream. We will spend time drawing and designing your dining table and then modeling them in wood. This workshop will train you how to think like a furniture maker about important considerations on many different levels. Come join the fun for a day of design. 

1 Dining Table Walnut Gr