Chair Design Strategy
L To Legacy Chair Ends
with Master Woodworker Gary Rogowski
Aug. 2-4, 10am -5pm, Fri.-Sun.
All Levels welcome
$525 ($475 cash or check) (materials: Included)

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A great chair design requires that you utilize all your skills. These are your skills in aesthetics to make a chair appealing, engineering to make it strong and able to stand up to abuse and in sensitivity to know how to make the body feel comfortably seated. Each aspect depends upon the other and changing one always affects the other two. 

Learn about chair design in the development of sketches, ideas, and full scale plans. We'll spend time measuring chairs and each other to figure out proportions and sizes. Then we'll draw up our design and work on modifications at this stage. Next we'll put together an aesthetic 1/4 scale model in wood, fabric, or metal depending upon the desired materials. This model will give us some clear ideas about how inviting the chair will look. Finally we'll put together a full size prototype using screws, glue, nails, whatever it takes to make a chair prototype that will stand up to a few sittings. This prototype is a huge source of information for comfort factors. And we can tweak it easily, adding or removing material because it's not precious and not built for the ages. 

Spend three creative days with us this summer and learn to design in space. Chair design is one of the peaks of furniture design to scale. Come and try your hand at it. 

L To Legacy Black Chair 001