XBuilding tiny: Framing your tiny House
Class And Things 019
Instructor: TBD
May 21-22, Sat-Sun, 10am to 5pm
All levels welcome
$265 (materials: Included)

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Framing your tiny House is the first time your design gets off the page. It's the start of the work building the structure, the floors, walls, and ceiling for your new dwelling. It is a super exciting time because things can be built quickly and you'll see the structure growing before your eyes. But first you'll need some information about tools and materials.  

This hands on class will walk you through framing your flooring and walls. We'll build a practice set of walls to get a sense of reading basic plans, material take off, measuring, marking and cutting, checking the walls for square and plumb. Next we'll learn about span tables for bearing loads and load path. We will team up to build these walls and see about connecting them together. What are the issues that a tiny House build faces? Tiny House construction is different than normal home construction. Discover the differences and learn about methods for Tiny Houses that you can use in your build.

Finally we will take the skills you have learned about lay-out, cutting, and assembly and build a small bench. Each will be made with framing materials for you to take home with you. This workshop is a terrific introduction to framing. Brooks is also one the best at explaining these methods. They can seem foreign to a beginner but he will guide you through to an understanding. 

Everyone starts fresh. Come and learn building skills with us at the Studio. 

1 Ti H Framing Wall 2015