Inlay Secrets
Sideboard Inlay Detail
with Master Woodworker Gary Rogowski
May 2-3 Sat.-Sun. 10am-5pm
All levels welcome
$335 ($325 with cash or check) (materials: Included)

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Inlay is magic. It can transform a plain panel into a feast for the eye. Come and learn the secrets for placing inlay in your work. We'll start with inlaying simple wooden dots and squares that can transform a board or draw up the eye up a curve. With drill press and band saw, we can create ground and inlay for a wide variety of patterns and shapes. 

Learn to inlay curved lines and how to bend your inlay before placing it. Discover how to shape inlay for more complex work like floral and animal patterns and get a great technique for heat shading your inlay pieces. This is one of the woodworker's skills that never tires. It is always the best fun in a project to get to the inlay work and let the world go by as you focus on the piece. Join us and learn the inlay skills that can use to make your pieces sing.

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