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The Online Mastery Study Program at the Northwest Woodworking Studio

The woodworking tradition in the Pacific Northwest lives today at The Northwest Woodworking Studio.

The Online Mastery Program trains people how to design and build hand made furniture of the highest quality. It is an intensive part-time program designed to teach self-directed and motivated online students. Applicants must have the discipline necessary to work to a schedule and on project deadlines while building out of their own shop. They must also have the ability and flexibility to receive their instruction and critiques online.

The Online Mastery Study Program runs for a period of two years starting in October of each year. There are three terms per year: Fall, Winter, and Spring. Entry to the Program is during the Fall term only. Students will design and build a total of 11 pieces over the two year period as they develop a signature style of their own. The goal is to produce gallery quality work. Projects have been chosen to teach certain methods, techniques, and approaches while at the same time allowing each student room to explore his or her own style.

For all prospective students who have read the prospectus and want to apply, please write to or send a letter of application to the Studio at 1002 SE 8th Ave, Portland, OR 97214. The application fee can be paid by check. You can also use the Application Fee link.


Chair Paul Barker Dmp     Stool Oak

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