Spring 2023

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with Master Woodworker Gary Rogowski
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Everyone makes mistakes at the bench. It’s how you respond to it that matters. Knowing some simple tricks will improve your outlook towards making quick fixes on your mistakes. The difference between amateurs and professionals is really quite simple. Professionals know how to swear at themselves with gusto but no acrimony after making a mistake. They swear with precision and brevity because they know how to fix that mistake. It’s easier to just toss off a well aimed cuss word and get to the repair.

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This Build Along Session focuses on a jewelry box design of mine. I first made it as a commission some years ago but new versions of this sweet box have appeared over the years. It is simply made but well made. It uses pinned finger joints for the body of the main box. My joinery demonstrations will include a great band saw method and hand sawing techniques as well to make the carcase. The lid is a breadboard end design/ construction. While it lends a certain look to the piece, it also helps to hold that thin lid flat over time. Discover some of the secrets to making great breadboard end joints in this BAS.