Planning Your Trip

Planning Your Trip:


Places to stay in Portland


Budget-Friendly Motels

Viking Motel  | A real bargain for its location and proximity to public transportation. Clean, quiet and friendly.

Economy Inn Portland | Excellent bang for your buck. Big rooms with amenities located in a safe neighborhood.

Hotels and BnBs-Staying in Style

The Lion and the Rose  | A real class act. Located in the Irvington district, it's a great place to stay and take in the local architecture.

Vintage Plaza  | Located in the heart of downtown Portland, the Vintage Plaza is beautiful and packed with amenities. 

Residence Inn Downtown Portland | This one is on the west side of Portland. It is appropriate for extended stay.

Airbnb House sharing that now exists world-wide. Meet interesting folks at a discount rate. 



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Public Transport: Trimet offers a handy tool to plan your trip and to see if your chosen hotel/motel/bnb is easily accessed through it.


Thrifty Car Rentals offer some great deals. I just priced ot a yellow convertible Ford Mustang for a week. With insurance, $711.00!  Most of their cars are way cheaper.

Cars2Go, a carshare program that offers cars that are fully electric. After the $35 registration fee, you pay for what you use and can park it anywhere. 

Columbia Scooters is located within walking distance of the school if you are interested in scooting around town. Ciao! 

Clever Cycles is located very near the school and is one of the many companies that offer bicycle rental.

This is not an exhaustive list of transportation options for travelers but you can see that there are plenty.

Food and Drink in Portland

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SE Portland is a destination spot for food and drink. Portland as a whole is very serious about food that is well made, pickled/cured/roasted/smoked by hand and locally sourced. The same is true of beverages with many coffee shops offering their own roasts from fair trade beans. It's definitely a city that caters to artisans and craftspeople!

Food: Top-notch restaurants and quirky food carts abound. There is never a shortage of food, people watching or things to do when you are not in class. Close by is The Fried Onion, Bunk, Vivo, and Lardo. 

Beer: Home to more breweries than any other city on Earth, there are plenty of options if you like the hops. Ranked by Imbibe Magazine among the top 100 places to drink beer Green Dragon Brewpub is located right around the corner and has an eclectic mix of 65 brews on tap. There are also 70 breweries in the Portland Metro area. Imbibe ranks their favorites. Or, if you are dedicated to your mission, maximize your summer vacation by timing your Northwest Woodworking Studio classes to coincide with Portland's famous 11 day  beer week.

Wine: If the grape is more your speed, SE Portland hosts some cozy wine bars . For the day-tripper, Willamette Valley and Columbia Valley vineyards are within a stone's throw from the city.

Coffee: If it's coffee you're into, Portland is a great place to find new roasters. Portland Roasting , located in our neighborhood, sticks to tradition with excellent espresso and delicious coffee. Vivo is a great little coffee house close by. 


If you are interested in turning your trip to Portland into a family vacation, there are many more options!

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