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Upcoming Classes: Fall 2019 | Winter 2020

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1 Handmade
Gary's new book is out: Handmade: Creative Focus in the Age of Distraction. It is part narrative and part discourse on the value of mastery, practice, and creativity in this time of attention disorder. The book argues for the need to create, for using our hands to help us engage with the world, and the value of failure and forgiveness in our work.

To order your book, please check out the link at LINDEN PUBLISHING.

"Dear Gary, Just a quick note to THANK YOU for your book, Handmade. I enjoyed it so much that I read it twice, and extracted even more wisdom on the second reading! The only other 2 books I have ever read twice are Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance and Catcher in the Rye! I have also gifted it to several friends and recommended it to many. Thank you for enriching my life!" Mary Ann Carmack

Handmade argues for the need for individuals and for cultures to remain creative, to stay curious, and to keep engaged with the physical world as a means of thinking more clearly.

DESIGN: GATHERING INSPIRATION with Jim Meehan, Barkeep, Journalist, and Author and José Medeles, musician, author, and owner of Revival Drum Shop.

Please join us December 4th from 6-7:30pm for a fascinating chat with Jim Meehan and José Medeles. We will have a conversation about Gathering Inspiration from three different vantage points that are maybe not so unalike. The event takes place at the Studio and is free to all. Open to all open minds
Photo.Meehan 2017Jim Meehan, a bar operator, educator, and author of The PDT Cocktail Bookand Meehan’s Bartender Manualworked at some of New York City’s most revered restaurants and bars including Gramercy Tavern and the Pegu Club before opening the James Beard Award winning bar PDT in 2007 and a second branch in Hong Kong a decade later. In 2014, Meehan moved his family and consulting firm Mixography Inc. to Portland, Oregon where he writes and develops cocktail menus for the American Express Centurion lounges worldwide.
Jose Stoic Drummer May2018

José Medeles is the owner of Revival Drum Shop in Portland, Oregon. He has toured the world and recorded with artists including the Breeders, Ben Harper and Modest Mouse. He is currently active with his solo recording projects and band 1939 Ensemble. Revival has been declared by Modern Drummer Magazine “The place that started the Boutique Drum Shop resurgence." Revival was featured in the Netflix Special “STAND UP FOR DRUMMERS” by Fred Armisen. 

Sometimes we get folks to come and chat about topics and it's always been great fun. But Jose and Jim have such unique perspectives on their craft and their lives that you will absolutely want to be here for our DESIGN: Open House on Gathering Inspiration, Dec. 4th. It is my privilege to bring them together to talk about their skills and how they marry them to the world and their desires and their goals. This is going to be a slam bang festival of ideas from all sides and directions. I am very excited about this coming chat. Can you tell? Please join us. 


Gary Rogowski: Master of Joinery

Our Studio Director Gary Rogowski has received much acclaim for his book The Complete Illustrated Guide to Joinery . Here's what the website "The Best Things" has to say:

GaryThere’s no more thorough and readable guide to joinery than this new book from expert woodworker Gary Rogowski. The Complete Illustrated Guide to Joinery uses full-color, step-by-step photo essays to show you how to make every practical woodworking joint. Over 1,400 color photos and drawings illustrate the methods, from simple butt joints to angled tenons and complex scarf joints.


Build the bench that will become the center of your shop. 

Masterworks: Work Bench     Nov. 11-15, 10am to 5pm, Monday through Friday. 

This is a great week of class time as we construct these sturdy mortise and tenoned work benches. This design takes the best of many others to create a rock solid work surface. This class will teach you about planning, construction methods, and router cut mortise and tenon joints. We will build our end trestles with beefy tenons and then connect them with long rails that will lock in place with a through wedge. This is one of the strongest joints around. 

You will learn a ton of stuff in class as well as take home a great bench. This class counts as a prerequisite toward applying for our Mastery Programs .

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From: Shavings, A Blog for Woodworkers 

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Visit our WIN Program page to find out about our high school mentoring program. Woodworking Internships Northwest trains students to design, think creatively, and build fine furniture.  Please note that our Registration Policy has changed with Paypal's new rules.

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