The Online Mastery Study Program at the Northwest Woodworking Studio

Discover your own talents for furniture design and construction. Join the Online Mastery Study Program and learn the traditions and the skills of design and fine furniture making. Find your singular path to mastery.

The Online Mastery Study Program has been a part of The Northwest Woodworking Studio for over 20 years. We will offer this two year part-time program as an Online course starting this January, 2021. Enrollment is limited. Please contact us for a prospectus with all the details. Please follow this link: OMP.

For two decades the Mastery Program has trained woodworkers to design and build hand-made furniture of the highest quality. Now we will do this Online. We take on all students except raw beginners. Folks do not have to be at or near a mastery level to begin. But the more experience that you bring to the program, the more you will get from it. Self-directed and motivated students will thrive in this curriculum.

Applicants must be able to work to a schedule and on project deadlines while building out of their own shop. They must also have the ability and flexibility to receive their instruction and critiques online. Folks will need a camera in their shop at the bench and a DSL hookup or good Wi-Fi signal in order to participate. The weekly classes will offer real time lectures, videos of special topics as well as ample time for Q&A and one on one talks with the instructor and past Mastery students.

We will start this limited enrollment program again in October, 2021. With three terms per year, students will design and build a total of 11 pieces over the course. The goal is to produce great pieces that could sit in any gallery or any room in your home. Projects have been chosen to teach certain methods, techniques, and approaches while at the same time allowing each student room to explore his or her own signature style.

For all prospective students who have read the prospectus and want to apply, please write to or send a letter of application to the Studio at 1002 SE 8th Ave, Portland, OR 97214.


The application fee can be paid by check or

Invest in your education. Invest in yourself.