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Splinters with Gary Rogowski - The Northwest Woodworking Studio Podcast

Splinters with Gary Rogowski
Splinters with Gary Rogowski
Bird Brain

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Craft and the Art of Change with Gary Rogowski

A conversation with Chris Martin - Getting Work to Work Podcast

Getting Work to Work Podcast – Craft and the Art of Change with Gary Rogowski

“Not a day goes by lately where I’m not thinking about reinventing myself and the work I do. I find myself working more with my hands, which lead me to reach out to Gary Rogowski and invite him back on the show for another conversation about craft, failure, practice, process, and constant improvement. Gary is a furniture maker, writer, and teacher. In this conversation, he shares how he reinvented his work over the past year, along with his curiosity for geometry, storytelling, and bird watching. He also has a lot to say about problem-solving, the secret to focusing, finding success with the small things, and how teaching truly impacts a craftsperson.”

Chris Martin

Build Along Session: Jasmine Jewelry Box

Join us for another  Online Build Along Session (BAS) on Zoom. Together we will make this elegant Jasmine Jewelry Box. The course will take place over 8 Saturdays. We will meet for two hours on Saturdays starting Jan. 8th, 2022.

Classes 1, 3, 5, and 7 will be our two hour Class/ demo sessions running from 11am – 1pm PDT. Alternating Saturdays we will host a one hour Q&A sessions also starting at 11am PDT. Bring all of your questions then about the project that come up during the week. Students will have two weeks between classes to get work done on the project. Work at your own bench at your own pace and build this great project along with a Master Woodworker. You will learn a ton about joinery, construction methods, assembly, and finishes.

This Build Along Session focuses on a jewelry box design of mine. I first made it as a commission some years ago but new versions of this sweet box have appeared over the years. It is simply made but well made. It uses pinned finger joints for the body of the main box. My joinery demonstrations will include a great band saw method and hand sawing techniques as well to make the carcase. The lid is a breadboard end design/ construction. While it lends a certain look to the piece, it also helps to hold that thin lid flat over time. Discover some of the secrets to making great breadboard end joints in this BAS.

Online Mastery Program

Please take a moment to listen the current podcast of It’s Wood with Daniel Carter. In it Gary and Daniel discuss the new Online Mastery Program starting this January. Here’s the link to It’s Wood.


And don’t forget to check out the Modern Woodworkers Association podcast. Another discussion with Gary and the fellas about a variety of topics.

MWA site.

A few comments about our Online Lectures and Workshops.

“I just wanted to drop a quick note to say thank you for the class this week. I really enjoyed it and learned a lot! Hoping to sign up for another one soon. This morning I threw a Hock blade and breaker in my Bailey #4. Wow, you weren’t kidding about the difference. It’s a whole new tool now.” Zach

” I loved the inlay class, and was amazed how quickly those skills could be learned in the online format.” Colin R.

” I appreciated the “close up” photos that you showed a couple times during the 5 machines episode. I especially like your insights and tips. Keep them up!” John K.

“This was my first virtual Woodworking class and I had my doubts as to how it would work out. I was pleasantly surprised that the class was interesting and useful, well worth the time and 25 bucks. Also, good to have a look inside your shop.” Dale T.

“I wanted to give a personal thank you to Gary and everyone involved in the hand planes webinar. I was learning and smiling the whole way through. Truly an amazing job!” Casey T.

“Thank you Gary for the fine session. I really enjoyed it. I thought the online training via Zoom really went well, like I had a front row seat. I love hand planes and learned some good tips last night. Your use of props was good and like I said, I found it very informative and organized. You know your stuff.” Rick W.

Join Gary on a Question & Answer Session on YouTube

Methods for Taming Tear Out

Gary answers a reader and student’s question about taming tear out by changing the angle on a chip breaker. Sometimes you have to also adjust your hand plane to accommodate this modification. Change your plane’s frog position, file a wider mouth opening or file the chip breaker to adjust to the blade better.

Watch it here