Top Five Handplanes is a two day workshop. It will run Saturday and Sunday, August 24-25. Learn about what hand planes you need at the bench and how to choose, sharpen, and tune them.

Build the Siska Book Case is a five day workshop. It will occur August 26-30. This is a great hands-on class that you walk away from with both skills and a super project. Learn about different methods of joinery plus assembly techniques that are quite revealing and helpful for all your work.

Go to the Wendell Castle Workshop website for more information on registering for these great classes.

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Splinters with Gary Rogowski - The Northwest Woodworking Studio Podcast

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Creativity: Hustlers Fakers and Thieves

with Host/ Author/ Master Craftsman Gary Rogowski

Smart conversations with working artists about their real issues.
Turns out they are the same ones you have.

Please check out the website and listen to the next Podcast here.

The Market Says You’re Not Worth it;

A Conversation on Value with Laleh Khorramian & Gary Rogowski

New Online Series

Setting Up Shop

With Gary Rogowski

Master Woodworker

This September, 2024

To enroll in the Setting Up Shop series, click here to pay with Paypal. Or mail your check to PO Box 525, Lyle, WA 98635.

  • Coming this September 29th 2024, we relaunch our 12 lecture video series called Setting Up Shop.
  • 11am-1pm PT every Saturday for 12 weeks. Two hrs. live and recorded lectures. Sept. 29th to Dec. 15th.
  • Setting Up Shop gives the novice, the newcomer and the practiced, valuable information on how to set up a shop space to do any type of woodworking. Each lecture tackles a topic necessary for a smooth running shop and then a demonstration of a project build for each class.
  • 12 lectures divided into 4 Chapters. Get the full set for 20% off, $495.
  • Chapter One: Shop Flow, Chapter Two: Concepts, Chapter Three: Tools, Chapter Four: Strategies
  • Office hours will be available before class to provide access to a Master Woodworker.
  • Videos remain available as well as the Q&A session after each live class for one year for students.
  • Projects are all shop related: bench hook, push sticks, file handles, sharpening station, router table, plane cabinet, clamp rack, and more.

MISSION STATEMENT: Setting Up Shop, the Video Book promotes the value of woodworking with our hands and our mind and heart at the bench. Your shop is at the center of making things. Learn what to consider when setting up your special work space.

                            Comments from our first SUSH group:

Clough Shelton, WA
‘Gary, I want to thank you for such a great experience from your class. I learned a huge amount from you and also enjoyed your stories and anecdotes.’

Andy Rudin, D.C.
‘Gary I just wanted to share how much I got out of the sessions, which will prove invaluable to me as I begin to set up my shop space. . . Your class has helped me organize my own thinking on how my space should be laid out along with many woodworking ‘best practices’ and hacks that I did not know previously.’

J. Morgan Grove, Baltimore, MD
‘You asked for feedback to the class. I would like to express how much I have enjoyed the class: both how to set up a shop and how to operate in it.’

The Online Mastery Study Program
Northwest Woodworking Studio

Discover your own talents for furniture design and construction. Join the Online Mastery Study Program and learn the traditions and the skills of design and fine furniture making. Find your singular path to mastery.

The Mastery Program has been a part of The Northwest Woodworking Studio for over 20 years. We now offer this two year part-time program as an Online course. Our next group starts in Fall of 2024. Enrollment is limited to 15 plus two scholarship students.

June 2024 – Eric R., Spring Green, WI

‘Hope the classes are going great. Those three years made a huge impact on me. My only wish is that I’d have been able to do it 20 years sooner. ‘


July 2023 – Matt L., Wichita, KS

‘I am not sure I have the words to adequately express my thanks to you for the last three years. When I started this journey I had no idea where the course would take me and my creative mind. You gave us the tools to develop our creative side and begin to become designers and dare I say Artists. Thank you for giving so much of yourself to this process and all of us.’


July 2023 – Robert H., Eugene, OR

‘I am readily absorbing your influences into my work and it feels good. Thank you.’


June 2023 – Karl W. San Francisco, CA

‘I have been a woodworker since high school, but the Mastery Class forced me out of my comfort zone and introduced me to several new techniques and approaches, and most importantly, to think about design. The progress we all made over two years was astounding. My colleagues produced some true works of art. My only regret is that I did not take advantage of this program sooner.’


June 2022 -Mike L. Ontario, Canada

Thank you Gary for sharing your knowledge and experiences. The learning of the past 18 months has been very high.

Perhaps the three areas I’ve benefited the most are – concept to design- visioning skills; modelling; prototypes; the practice of designing and then having to build- all have has resulted in considerable improvement in my ability to design for aesthetics and build-ability.

Overall I’m most pleased with the program. It’s worked out well. Perhaps some of the value, more hidden than overt, is that over the period and numerous pieces I’m developing a style and finding my true lane in the shop. My aim for years now has been to make small tables. Now I will do so with the opportunity for more creativity and build excellence.

Again, much thanks for delivering a most enjoyable, challenging and practice learning experience.’

 Student Work from recent classes. Visit the Online Mastery Student Gallery.


A conversation with Cody Maxwell about Creativity and several other topics.

Thank you so much for coming down to Portland to spend some time talking with me.
You are a cool guy and super talented, and I appreciate having had the opportunity to hear about your life and opinions.

Gary Rogowski—furniture maker, podcaster, author, and teacher. In this conversation, Gary shares stories about Creativity that inspire his latest podcast project, Creativity: Hustlers, Fakers, and Thieves.

Cody Maxwell

Maxwell’s Kitchen


Fine Woodworking Shop Talk Live Podcast

Fine Woodworking’s Shop Talk Live Podcast – with Ben Strano, Vic Tesolin, and Gary Rogowski.

Please check out this podcast on Fine Woodworking’s Shop Talk Live podcast with Ben Strano, Vic Tesolin, and Gary Rogowski.

In the Age of Manufacturing, Why Choose Handmade. A conversation with Gary Rogowski.

The Craftmanship Initative Podcast – Craft and the Art of Change with Gary Rogowski

In today’s automated world, why bother toiling with hand tools and sawdust? In his new book, Gary Rogowski—a master furniture maker in Portland, Oregon—ruminates about lessons he’s learned “at the bench,” and the quest for mastery and creative focus, no matter what your calling.

A few comments about our Online Lectures and Workshops.

“I just wanted to drop a quick note to say thank you for the class this week. I really enjoyed it and learned a lot! Hoping to sign up for another one soon. This morning I threw a Hock blade and breaker in my Bailey #4. Wow, you weren’t kidding about the difference. It’s a whole new tool now.” Zach

” I loved the inlay class, and was amazed how quickly those skills could be learned in the online format.” Colin R.

” I appreciated the “close up” photos that you showed a couple times during the 5 machines episode. I especially like your insights and tips. Keep them up!” John K.

“This was my first virtual Woodworking class and I had my doubts as to how it would work out. I was pleasantly surprised that the class was interesting and useful, well worth the time and 25 bucks. Also, good to have a look inside your shop.” Dale T.

“I wanted to give a personal thank you to Gary and everyone involved in the hand planes webinar. I was learning and smiling the whole way through. Truly an amazing job!” Casey T.

“Thank you Gary for the fine session. I really enjoyed it. I thought the online training via Zoom really went well, like I had a front row seat. I love hand planes and learned some good tips last night. Your use of props was good and like I said, I found it very informative and organized. You know your stuff.” Rick W.