About Gary Rogowski

Gary Rogowski, the Director of The Northwest Woodworking Studio, opened the doors of his shop to offer classes to the public in 1997. As a teacher and builder of fine furniture in Portland since 1974, he has a wealth of information and knowledge to share with others. His goal in opening the Studio was to create a place where people from novice to practiced woodworkers could build work that was well designed and well made. Furniture that had honesty to it and soul.

As Director and teacher, Gary focuses on traditional hand tool techniques but emphasizes contemporary design strategies. This combination offers his students tremendous creative leeway as well as the skills to build these designs.

Gary spent most of his life in Portland having migrated from Chicago to attend Reed College. When Covid hit in 2020, he closed down his space and moved out to the Columbia River Gorge. All classes are now taught online.

His latest book is entitled, Handmade, Creative Focus in the Age of Distraction, Linden Publishing, 2017. His book The Complete Illustrated Guide to Joinery was released by Taunton Press in 2002 and still remains a valuable resource for woodworkers. 

His podcast Splinters is available here on the NWS website.

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