My First Mistake

My first mistake was thinking that I was smart. Now I don’t suggest that I should have adopted the method that my father used on me. When I was a young lad and did something dumb, he would yell at me that I would lose my head if wasn’t attached. He was a confidence builder […]


How many times have I walked to the other side of the shop with a goal in mind and I get there and I see something else and I get distracted and I turn around and I walk back to my bench and I try to remember what I was doing there at the bench […]

Cheese and Chairs

There is something about building a chair that challenges us on many different levels. Why, you may ask, is a chair any different than any other piece of furniture? Well it’s how we use it I think that matters. We sit in it, on it, around it, we pick it up and move it about […]

The Trail Ride

This is a story from long ago but somehow it seems pertinent to today’s world. Settle in and let me know if you agree. Now for two testosterone fueled high school boys like me and Lynch what activity would sum up our consummate courage, our wild west fortitude and our lack of dating prospects better […]

Bird Brain

It was during the first hailstorm of the Covid virus pandemic, when conflicting information hit us every day about what to watch for, what to avoid, what would certainly kill you, and what would keep you safe. Sometimes it all came from the same source. Which in the end, for me at least, didn’t make […]