Complete Novice Woodworking

Complete Novice Woodworking
Paul Barker
Mon, Mar 29, 2021 – Mon, Jun 7, 2021
Level: All Levels Welcome
Materials: Included
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Everybody starts woodworking as a complete novice. Start here, learning about hand tools, wood, and simple techniques in this introductory class. We will start first by showing you the basics of woodworking tools, how to buy them, use them and keep them sharp.

There is a big difference in hand tools and their quality. We will show you the first tools you will need, from measuring and marking tools like squares and marking knives to cutting tools like chisels, files, saws, and planes. We will teach you about wood and its many qualities. What is a good piece of wood? How do you choose your wood? Which pieces do you avoid? You will get practice with a variety of different woods so you can feel the difference in your hands.

Our first project is a simple coat rack. You will learn some design tricks and then how to measure, lay-out, and saw as you cut out your shape on a band saw. Discover shaping techniques next with rasps, files, and spokeshaves. 

Next we take on a simple Japanese tool box design. This simple box has a clever locking lid that holds all your small tools in one compact tote. Learn more about laying out for assembly, sawing with accuracy, and assembly techniques that make your time at the bench more productive and fun. This is a great little project you will be happy to say that you built.   This class will be a great introduction to woodworking for some. For others it will be a needed respite for those who have some experience but want to fine tune their skills with a practical project. Whether you’re an experienced woodworker or you’ve just started, learning new skills as you build a project is rewarding. Our approach at the Studio is to focus on hand tools as the best way to learn how to work with wood. The feedback is immediate and the rewards can last a lifetime.  

If you have been considering woodworking as a hobby or as a craft to investigate, this is the class for you. Woodworking is about as much fun as you can have by yourself on a rainy day. Come and find out why.