Online Lecture: Top 10 Hand Tools

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Online Lecture: Top 10 Hand Tools
with Master Woodworker Gary Rogowski
Spring 2021
Level: All Levels Welcome
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I’m headed to a desert island with no power. [It doesn’t seem so far-fetched these days]. These are the first hand tools that I would grab for. The ones that I would use most every day at that bench. And this isn’t just on a desert island. These are the tools I would use every day.

These are the ones that when I misplace one in the shop, I stop everything and spend the next half minute or half hour searching until I find it. This list includes cutting tools and measuring tools and one hammer. It has tools on it that can only be purchased new. Some should only be bought as second hand tools. But they are essential to my happiness and perhaps yours at the bench.

In this lecture I will talk about each of these essential hand tools and why I think they are so important. Find out where to buy them, what to look for in a good version of this tool, and what to avoid. Learn about the tools that will increase your own contentment when working on a project.