Online Workshop: Planes, Shaves, Scrapers

Online Workshop: Planes, Shaves, Scrapers
with Master Woodworker Gary Rogowski
Tue, Sep 1, 2020 – Thu, Sep 3, 2020
Level: All Levels Welcome
Materials: Material list provided
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The hand plane, the spoke shave, and the scraper are three of the most valuable hand tools on your bench. Learn to tune and use these cutting tools and your woodworking will be transformed. It is as simple as that.

My Online Workshop concept goes like this: For the first hour or so on Tuesday evening I will lecture on hand plane tuning and how to use one to flatten the faces of a board. Folks will have the opportunity to try out some of these techniques I have demonstrated. This should last for half an hour or so. I’ll take some questions and then launch into another hour’s chat and demonstration of how to shoot edges for laminating two boards together. We’ll finish up with a Q&A. On Thursday evening, students will have a chance to work on the techniques learned Tuesday as well as have a rubbed joint ready and made up of two boards. We will start by talking about scrapers and how to tune and use them. We will next cut a shape, a circle or oval shape on the band saw, or square up the ends by hand if someone is without a power saw. From there we will start to shape the board’s edges with a spoke shave.

The hand plane is the soul of a woodworker’s tool kit and a sharp hand plane will change your woodworking life. With one in hand you can trim joints to fit perfectly, chamfer edges for a great feel, and flatten, smooth, and burnish a wood surface so cleanly that no sandpaper is required. Planes are really time savers in the shop. Learn how to tune and use one in this workshop and prepare to be amazed.

Spoke shaves are a handled and shortened version of a hand plane used to work on, around, and into curves. Their sole is very short so they can work on outside or inside curves. They are invaluable for shaping furniture parts, forming curved templates, and carving parts. Learn how to make one work for you.

The scraper is simply a revelation in cutting. Every woodworker needs to have one at the bench. Watch how to sharpen this great tool and you’ll wonder how you got by without one. We’ll tune and use card scrapers, cabinet scrapers, and scraper planes. These are amazing tools that can cut in any grain direction without tear-out. Find out how to sharpen and tune yours for use and you will always keep one close at hand.