“I have to tell you these last 2 years have been one of the best experiences of my life. Not only do I feel I came away with much better woodworking skills, I feel that having an opportunity to spend time with you and the other students has enriched my life in ways I didn’t really think about. Of course the primary reason for coming to school at NWS was to learn woodworking, but the life lessons and friends that I came away with made it much more worthwhile. I only hope that other students come away from this with a similar experience as I had. Everyone should be so lucky to have a mentor and friend such as yourself. You are a great teacher and a wonderful person so thank you so very much for all that you and your school has given me” – Ryan A.

“I just completed my five-day joinery workshop with Gary Rogowski and have learned a ton. I loved the work…being able to focus on one thing for hours on end was a real joy.” – Heidi M.

“ ….just want you to know how much I enjoyed the classes….that it’s in my “future” plans and how it’s made me look at a lot of things differently….plus I’m using my coat rack!” – Melissa M.

“ I loved being at the Studio and learning from Gary. He has a gift for teaching.” – Tonda B..

“I had a wonderful time at NWS. Everyone was kind enough to let a newbie like me feel comfortable in a very demanding curriculum. My deepest gratitude to Gary and Peter, who stayed late with me to let me catch up a bit, so I’m not too much behind. Brian’s class has been very intense and fast-paced, but I’ve learned so much over the week. I’m pretty sure I can make another chair.” – Chris C.

“I took my unwrapped chair directly to curbside check-in at American Airlines and no problem; it arrived in North Carolina unharmed. It was a great vacation and wonderful meeting everyone! I’ll be back.” – Dennis R.

“I chose to fly across the country and stay in Portland for that week for one primary reason: your reputation both as a world class craftsman and as a teacher. These are characteristics not always found in the same person; many woodworking schools contract with big name furniture makers who aren’t necessarily good teachers.“ – John W.

“In the last 5 years, I have attended 3 week-long workshops at the Studio. Each of my classes has been an outstanding experience in which I had the privilege of studying with Gary Rogowski and other masters of the furniture making craft. Indeed, there is nothing comparable to the Studio on the west coast and few of equal quality in the entire country.” – Ben S.

“Gary, I thank you and your staff at The Northwest Woodworking Studio for the increasing of my woodworking education and knowledge. I am looking forward to my week long class in September and further classes in the years to come, My last class at the Studio had an age range of young people in their 20’s right on through to a person in his 70’s. We took away from the class skills that helped me make better furniture and a young man to make boxes that he planned to sell locally as just two examples.” – Garry F.

“Gary’s school is a valuable resource to the community in which the students are gaining incredible skills that are all too rare in our modern society.” – Scott T.

“As a busy health care professional, I don’t have the luxury of spending a lot of time pursuing my woodworking interests, but thanks to the Northwest Woodworking Studio, I’ve been able to learn the “how” of so many things that previously were only accessible as steps in a process while reading a book. The Studio makes the theory become experience, and it’s made a huge difference for me… By the way, I’m still doing my 5-minute dovetails practice and it is the single most important discipline in my woodworking life!” – Jim G.
“… in August, 2008, I completed the 2 year Distance Mastery program at the Northwest Woodworking Studio (NWS), under the direction of Gary Rogowski… Gary’s teaching and enthusiasm for studio furniture is infectious, the camaraderie with the other members in the group produced what I think will be life long friendships and the joy of completing my various projects created, in short, one the best experiences of my life.” – Steve V.

“The Northwest Woodworking Studio teaches skills, inspires, instills confidence and develops self motivation.” – Paul G.

“It is important for me to emphasize that The Studio is a special place being one of but a few such facilities in the United States where woodworking crafts and the art of fine furniture building are available to the general public.” – Dr. Stephen J.

“Hi Gary, Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the class. It was excellent. I appreciate all the effort you put into it.By the way, I finished rubbing out my cabinet (door frames and drawer front) using wool lube and 1500/2000 paper after you did the top. It looks great.” – Stuart H.

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