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The chisel is one of those tools that calls up a variety of woodworking jobs: bottle opener, roof tar remover, nail punch, pry bar and screwdriver, if truly needed. But this wedge shaped object is also capable of some of the finest work at the bench if one knows the secrets to tuning and using its shape. Join our Online series with this lecture entitled: Chiseled to learn the chisel’s charms.

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What kind of table do you sit down at to eat your meals? What sort of table holds your notebook? Tables come in many shapes, several sizes, and each design can make us feel differently when sitting down for a meal or a game of cards. They can have different intentions from a coarse rustic feel to an elegant dining experience. Come and learn how to shape your table for your own design taste.

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3 Simple Finishes will demystify the world of oils, varnishes, and shellac. There is much to learn about these reactive finishes and the solvent release ones. Come and get information that will simplify your finish work.

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When it comes to building a project, you are the lumber buyer, the sawyer, and the joiner of this wood. Knowing the qualities of wood in general and something about some species in specific will make a difference in your building projects. Learn how to up your lumber game from Master Woodworker Gary Rogowski. Join us for this Online Lecture March 10.

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I’m headed to a desert island with no power. These are the first hand tools that I would grab for. The ones that I would use most every day at the bench. And this isn’t just for work on an island. These are the tools that I use every day.


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Inlay will transform your work. There are simple techniques you can learn that can make a simple piece sing out loud.


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J. Tool box

Paul Barker
Class | Mon, Mar 29, 2021 – Mon, Jun 7, 2021
Mondays, Mar. 29 – June 7, 6-9pm
Level: All Levels Welcome
Cost: $495.00
Materials: Included
Everyone starts woodworking as a complete novice. Join us to learn about wood and the tools for working it. We will make two small projects that you will be proud to say that you built.

ch rose table small

with Master Woodworker Gary Rogowski
Online Class | Sat, Apr 17, 2021 – Sat, Jun 5, 2021
Saturdays Apr. 17 – June 5
Level: Beyond Beginner
Cost: $295.00 with a link to Zoom
Online Build Along Sessions: Floating Top Coffee Table Join us for this first Build Along Session. Together we will make this Floating Top Coffee Table over 8 weeks. Work at your own bench at your own pace and build this great project. You will learn a ton about joinery, construction methods, assembly, and finishes.


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Jeff Miller
Class | Tue, Apr 6, 2021 – Tue, Jun 8, 2021
Tuesdays Apr. 6 – June 8, 6-9pm
Level: All Levels Welcome
Cost: $495.00
Materials: All materials included except plane irons
Building tools to use at your bench is a joy. Come and discover how to build tools for accuracy and joinery.

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