Online Build Along Session: Floating Top Table

Join us for an Online Build Along Session on Zoom. Together we will make this Floating Top Coffee Table over 8 weeks. We will meet for two hours on Saturdays starting April 17th. Classes 1, 3, 5, and 7 will be our two hour Class/ demo sessions running from 11am – 1pm PDT. Alternating Saturdays […]

Online Lecture: Top 10 Hand Tools

Tool Kit tools

I’m headed to a desert island with no power. [It doesn’t seem so far-fetched these days]. These are the first hand tools that I would grab for. The ones that I would use most every day at that bench. And this isn’t just on a desert island. These are the tools I would use every […]

Online Lecture: Choosing Lumber

When it comes to building a project, you are the lumber buyer and grader, the sawyer, the joiner and finisher of this wood. What you pick out, mill up, and use for each piece of your project makes a difference in how the piece looks and acts over time. Lumber choices affect color, grain direction, […]

Complete Novice Woodworking

Everybody starts woodworking as a complete novice. Start here, learning about hand tools, wood, and simple techniques in this introductory class. We will start first by showing you the basics of woodworking tools, how to buy them, use them and keep them sharp. There is a big difference in hand tools and their quality. We […]

Making Tools for the Bench

There is nothing better than building stuff for your shop. And making bench tools that you need, are built well, and are pretty all at the same time is a gift to yourself. Join us in this class to build a variety of different tools and jigs. Here are some of the tools we will […]