A Strategy for Design: Tables

What makes a table? How do you build one? What do I need to do to make a good one? Tables come in many shapes, several sizes, and each can make us feel differently when sitting down at them for a meal or to write a letter or to set our well-earned drink down upon. […]

Online Lecture: Chiseled

Chiseled The chisel is one of those tools that calls up a variety of woodworking jobs: bottle opener, roof tar remover, nail punch, pry bar and screwdriver, if truly needed. But this wedge shaped object is also capable of some of the finest work at the bench if one knows the secrets to tuning and […]

Online Lecture: Sharpening

Learn sharpening techniques Sharpening improves your time at the bench. A dull tool is no fun to work with plus it’s dangerous. Watch as Master Woodworker, Gary Rogowski, turns blunt objects into precise cutting instruments. Sharp tools at your bench will make a huge difference in your work. Come and watch how to make your […]

Online Lecture Top 5 Machines

Which machines do you need to build furniture? You will be surprised that the table saw isn’t one of them. Discover which machines will save you time and give you the accuracy you need to make great pieces. Learn about the prominent features of these Top 5 machines and how to use them successfully. Machines […]

Online Lecture Hand Planes: Best at the Bench

Hand planes are time savers. Once you tune yours up and know how to keep it sharp, these tools are indispensable. They can flatten a board or table top, put on an edge or create a chamfered edge. Planes can shape curves or fine tune a joint. Their versatility is unmatched by any other tool […]

Online Lecture Milling Lumber: From Rough to Finish

Wood doesn’t come straight and square from the tree. It certainly does not come flat and square from the lumberyard. Milling your stock is the first job on the road to a successful project. It is the foundation on which you set your joinery. If you have unsquare, twisted or warped boards, it is very […]