Online Lecture Hand Planes: Best at the Bench

Online Lecture Hand Planes: Best at the Bench
with Master Woodworker Gary Rogowski
Wed, Jul 22, 2020
Level: All Levels Welcome

Hand planes are time savers. Once you tune yours up and know how to keep it sharp, these tools are indispensable. They can flatten a board or table top, put on an edge or create a chamfered edge. Planes can shape curves or fine tune a joint. Their versatility is unmatched by any other tool in the shop. But with such a bewildering array to choose from, which ones do you need?

In this lecture, learn about the hand planes that will make your work easier at the bench. From bench planes to block planes, cast iron to bronze to wooden ones, there are hundreds to choose from. Discover their purposes and use. Watch how to tune a hand plane. Then watch how to use one to flatten a board and plane an edge for glue up. There are five hand planes that I think are required at the bench. Learn which ones to have and get some information on how to use them.

Every culture has their own approach to designing a hand plane. Learn about the differences and similarities in hand plane design. Discover what you need to know about buying new or used planes.

Join us for our Online Lecture on Hand Planes. Sign up to listen and watch from the safety of your home for this information packed two hours courtesy of Zoom. Learn to use hand planes from Master Woodworker Gary Rogowski.  Please stay tuned as we start to post new content on Youtube for all to see.

Gary Rogowski is the Director of The Northwest Woodworking Studio in Portland, OR. He has been designing and building furniture since 1978. His design work has been shown at museums and galleries nationwide. As a Contributing Editor at Fine Woodworking Magazine for fourteen years, he wrote, The Complete Illustrated Guide to Joinery. It is now in its 18th printing and translated into several languages. His latest book is entitled Handmade: Creative Focus in the Age of Distraction, Linden Publishing.

Follow him on Twitter @GaryRogowski and listen to his practical, philosophical and humorous podcast: “Splinters with Gary Rogowski”.