Build Along Session: Craft Style Mirror Frame

Build Along Session: Craft Style Mirror Frame
with Master Woodworker Gary Rogowski
Sat, Jul 16, 2022 – Sat, Sep 3, 2022
Level: All Levels Welcome
Materials: Cut list provided
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Join us for this Build Along Session (BAS) on Zoom. Together we get to make a mirror frame. I never tire of these frames because they present such great design opportunities for shaping, carving, painting, or staining. I just finished a giant carved/ ebonized picture frame that measured 4′ x5′ for an artist friend. It was a challenge on that scale. But the concepts and techniques are all the same no matter the size. And since we love to look at ourselves, as humans, these mirrors are always welcome in any part of the home or as a gift.

We start to make this Craft Style Mirror Frame on July 16th, Saturday at 9am, Pacific Time. You will need a good internet connection and a camera to join class. The full course will take place over 8 consecutive Saturdays until Sept. 3rd. We alternate our two hour Saturday Class/ demo sessions with one hour Q&A sessions. All sessions begin at 9am, Pacific Time.

In the Class sessions, I will demonstrate some design concepts and woodworking techniques. Alternate Saturdays we’ll have one hour Q&A sessions also starting at 9am, Pacific Time. Bring all of your questions then about the project that come up during the week. Students will have two weeks between classes to get work done on the project. Learn a ton about joinery, construction methods, assembly, and finishes. Work at your own bench at your own pace and build this great project along with a Master Woodworker.

Once enrolled you’ll get a set of plans for the mirror which you can stretch out to most any size or shape you’d like. There are loads of options here so please join us for the build.